It’s just been announced that there will be a sequel to Seth Rogen’s Bad Neighbours (Neighbors) for some reason.

Fresh off of the terrible ‘The Interview’ nonsense Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne as well as the director, Nicholas Stoller, will be back on board for this unnecessary sequel to the 2014, fairly decent comedy.

The original film, spoiler alert, featured Rogen and Bryne as new parents trying to hold onto their wild youth while facing looming maturity and also having to deal with some unruly frat boy neighbours in the shape of Efron, Dave Franco and McLovin’ among others. The first film was a decent effort, Rose Byrne shone, Rogen was Rogen, Efron was kind of funny/troubled and it worked and Franco was excellent, Hannibal Buress also stole every scene he was in. The whole thing turned a little emotional at points with lessons learned and friendships made in the end.

The film was just OK however, it kind of peaked early on and in the trailer moments but then it kind of just fizzled out a bit and the ending was just kind of awkward and really did not leave an opening for a sequel, in my opinion.

But hell, Rogen caused some controversy so he’s bound to sell tickets, the first one did well and the name alone will probably mean this film will cause a dent in the box office figures.

But honestly, 22 Jump Street, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, essentially stole the comedy thunder in 2014 and it was a sequel! In 2012, 21 Jump Street surprised a lot of people with it’s sheer comedy genius and the sequel was handled in such a clever manner that I don’t think will be rivalled.