BRIAN FALDUTO, once the young Billy (aka “Fancy Pants”) we all knew and loved has grown up and graduated to become a successful Singer/Songwriter in his own right. Over the last year, Brian has been hard at work writing, performing, and recording in New York City in preparation for his music debut.  Previously, his history of work has been in Film, TV, Stage, and Radio.

You’re tacky and I hate you!” is one of the greatest if not one of the “most-used-as-a-GIF” movie lines of the 2000’s. Since uttering those famously sassy words in the blockbuster movie School of Rock (starring Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Sarah Silverman), Brian studied Theatre Performance and Arts Administration at Wagner College in New York City. Administratively, he’s worked for  theatrical production companies and theatrical PR firms as well several radio stations, including NASH FM 94.7, where he served as an Event Manager & Coordinator, helping to bring country music back to NYC. However, Brian never dismissed his passion for performing; he has starred in countless theatre projects & tours and lent his vocal chops to jingles, voice-over projects & collaborations with other artists.  After always having had a love of music, Brian is finally stepping out, taking his place center stage, and releasing his first-ever EP Love One Another.

This acoustic extended play is filled with Brian’s original, heartfelt lyrics set to infectious melodies. The tracks tell of personal experiences and situations with previous relationships, as well as delving into the current climate of the world on the song “Turn That Song Back On,” from which the EP title message of Love One Another is derived. As a songwriter, Falduto captures raw emotion that we have all felt at some point in our lives. Upon meeting Brian you mightn’t expect him to have this deep, unique, full tone to both his voice & songs; his artistry possesses a combination of the musical depth of legendary artists, with the expressive nature of what’s happening in music today.

Love One Another is an entirely crowd-funded EP made up of five songs in total. “It’ll Do” opens the door into Brian’s life, showing vulnerability right off the bat, but not without a catchy hook. This song is followed by “Just A Phase,” an even more introspective story song with a slight 90’s flare. For the EP’s third song, “I Saw A Ghost”, Brian teamed up with musical theatre composer Aaron Michael Krueger for a Johnny Cash inspired co-write to tell a haunting tale we’ve all had nightmares about: running into your ex on the street.  The previously mentioned “‘Turn That Song Back On” brings the energy back up with a positive message that we all need to hear right now. To conclude, Brian’s “In My Mind” was the first song he ever wrote back in 2015 and is therefore very dear to his heart.  For the EP, it was recorded in a one-take studio session on electric guitar to accurately capture the emotional essence of the song.  

Brian called upon some of New York’s finest talent to help with the recording of Love One Another. Michael Benjamin Bunin of Headless Dentist ( not only helped produce the EP but he also leant his insatiable guitar skills to each track.  Leslie Wickham plays keys, Austin Deyo of Cosmonaut Radio ( controls the rhythm, and Kelsey Martin ( & Bronwyn Whittle ( lend their gorgeous vocals.

Love One Another will be released digitally everywhere on June 13th, 2017.

Twitter: @BrianFalduto