Brilliant Roses, the four-piece ‘spacecore’ band from Los Angeles, have had their share of troubles in the past. To be fair, they haven’t let line-up changes, AWOL band members, and arduous recording sessions get them down too much, and their tough beginnings have resulted in a more cohesive, close unit. Their recent single “Cosmic Rain” tries to combine elements of metal, pop-punk, emo and just about every other genre your parents told you to avoid. But is it any good?

Cosmic Rain is a song that takes elements from electro pop and combines it with the metalcore genre, of to create a song that embodies the term “spacecore”. The use of the synth in this track compliments the title Cosmic Rain, suggesting to the listener that this is what cosmic rain would sound like; melodic yet not unlike our own earthly rainfall.

Both the heavy and softer components of the track work in tandem, as one builds the other will soften and vice-versa, neither over powering the other. A critique of the song however would be on the screaming vocals, which are often lost in the track, it is only after a few listens do they actually seem present, on initial play they are easily over looked.

However all in all, it’s a wonderfully unique track from the American band.

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