At first glance of Brittsommar’s latest video for North Country Blood, the first scene wouldn’t be out of place in a Twilight movie and I really don’t understand why it’s there. Yes of course the sound of rain is soothing tosome point but by 40 seconds in I want to give up already. Maybe I should have just listened to the audio first. No going back now.

It does thankfully get better, and I’m a sucker for string arrangements so it has my attention. The somewhat classical intro to ‘The Mary Me EP’ single is a nice touch, with synth sounds also working well in the mix. The vocals kick in and it’s clear this would be right up the street for any Nick Cave enthusiast. Deep, gravelly, and with a sense of darkness lingering among many trees depicted in the video, it’s definitely unique and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. You may also be inclined to assume you’re listening to a 30-something bearded fellow but alas that he is not. I was even surprised myself to discover he is in fact an early 20’s, clean-shaven young man with a vocal range I’d place well beyond his years.

Although mysterious and chilling, North Country Blood just isn’t doing it for me. Yes the violin and cello pull me in, but the song is just at a same level constant and I’m waiting and waiting for more that doesn’t come. I also found myself skipping through the video willing something to change or catch my interest, but my efforts turn up nothing. Yes his voice is one of a kind, but this Brittsommar offering seems to go on forever. After the half way point I’m bored and would rather take a nap. I’m left disappointed and with a cold cup of tea.

Written by Nicole Leggett