Broken Guru - Bent Up Halo

Broken Guru – Bent Up Halo Album Review

Broken Guru is the name of a garage rock band made up of Rich Guerzon on guitar, Ray Fiero on bass and Christy Fiero manning the drum kit. They also all contribute vocals. Based in New York City, the group recently released their debut album “Bent Up Halo”.

The album opens with “Plight of Imemine”. It’s got an old-school rock sound similar to bands like Sonics and The Monks but with a certain aggression that can probably be attributed to the influence of the no bullshit sound of the New York punk scene. It clocks in at just under two minutes and is a great way to get the party started.

The second song “28 Cents” is centred around a beautifully gnarly guitar riff that is played between slick verses. The whole thing is really dissonant, but it works really well. It’s definitely one of the coolest tunes on the album.

The next couple of tracks are cool rock n’ roll influenced tunes, they might not be the most memorable songs ever written, but they’re fun to listen to nonetheless. “Bent Up Halo” is the next song that really stands out. It has a guitar riff that sounds Doors-esque and a thumping bassline. It’s a bad-ass rocker that sums up the bands sound really well.

The second last track “Ghost” is similar to “Bent Up Halo” in that it’s built around a cool, classic rock sounding riff. This, combined with two vocal lines makes this song sound similar to Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club. There’s also a blistering guitar solo towards the end of the song. That’s always a good time.

“Like A Whore” is the final track. It’s another loud and aggressive two-minute stomper. It has a much more punk influenced sound but there’s also an acoustic breakdown halfway through. It’s the sort of thing that could sound as if it were shoehorned in but it comes as more of a pleasant surprise.

All in all, “Bent Up Halo” is a collection of 12 rock songs. It might not be the most complex or memorable collection of songs, but they’re still really enjoyable to listen to. There are definitely some interesting ideas that the band could expand on with future releases, but for now their debut will be more than enough to keep listeners entertained.