Brooklyn Hannah Carter - "Say It To Me" Single Review

Brooklyn Hannah Carter – “Say It To Me” Single Review

Alabama-born rapper Brooklyn Hannah Carter releases the latest track from his third solo digital mixtape Barter 7 that was released earlier this year. Although the sound used is unique, the lyrics, music video and the rapping itself is something that needs to be worked on.

I felt that Mr. Carter’s lyrics didn’t have any meaning to them and there was no message behind them. For example, throughout the track Brooklyn talks about how he’s the best in the music business and how girls will sleep with him for free because he is so good, he says, “she’s so bold she’s gonna f**ck for free, she pays for drugs, but I give her clean OC (out of control)”. He also boasts, “Hannah got the best team so you’ve got to say it to me”. Not only do the lyrics need some serious tweaking but Mr. Carter should be able to express how he feels through his music without offending anyone which is what can be perceived from lyrics like this.

As for the music video, Brooklyn’s video has some perks such as his good dance moves but it has more disadvantages. For example, 40 seconds into the video we see Brooklyn in what looks like the negative setting that young children and teenagers would use on their phones or camera to scare one another as he flashes his luminous teeth and hand, that would scare you to even look at the video. Later, Carter uses an effect that is very harsh on the eyes, it is safe to say that you wouldn’t want to be epileptic if you’re watching this video. Not only does Brooklyn half blind viewers with poor video recording and lighting techniques used he also scares them half to death with the look of pure terror several times, all the while cursing and using foul language.

This performance was certainly challenging to review as it is something that I would not listen to and not recommend it to other women, but for those of you who enjoy rap music like Lil’ Wayne then this is the person who you should be listening to.

Although Mr. Carter has the potential to become a great rapper one day, for now he should continue making music and continue to improve his sound because he has a long way to go on the road they call Fame.

Written by Ciara Walsh