British based five piece indie rock ensemble Brother Goose first formed in Southampton in early 2012. In the time since, they’ve managed to draw a lot of media attention to themselves, including from the BBC, who have showcased their talents on outlets such as Introducing, Radio Solent and South Today.

The quintet have also been making plenty of headway on the live scene, fulfilling support slots for The Delays, Little Comets, Theme Park and King Charles, as well as coming out on top at the Road to Blissfields Festival competition. Now, the band have their eyes firmly set on global domination, the first step to which was the release of their What’s What EP.

The four track compilation breaks into a jovial beat and extremely upbeat instrumentation as “Shapeshifter” gets going. An enthusiastic melody takes over during the verse while the music dances delightedly in and out between vocal volleys. This is all before an energetic chorus which keeps things bright and sunny. It’s a fairly catchy opening number whose attitude is undeniably ardent.

“Full Speed” follows upon an arresting bass line, then erupts into a fervent instrumental salvo ahead of a fast paced melody. It maintains a quick momentum as the music uplifts behind the ecstatic vocals, resulting in another cheerful and chirpy undertaking.  “I Don’t Want To” plays up the synths during a rousing riff afterwards. Vibrant vocals soon cut in to add to its already energetic aura. A relentless rhythm ensues that doesn’t pause for breath until it arrives at an unobtrusive epilogue.

“Brother in Arms” is ever so slightly more reserved than its predecessors during its verses, but still runs rapidly through its loud and lively chorus. It quickly develops a rather warm sound that feels rich with meaning and emotion. This serves to bring the record to a heartfelt and affecting conclusion.

If their material is any indicator, then Brother Goose are clearly a very merry and optimistic group of individuals. There’s not a single hint of angst or sadness throughout their work here. It’s nothing but vivacious vocals and agile instrumentation whose execution is extremely ecstatic. The result is an easy and accessible EP whose inoffensive approach is bound to find favour with a wide range of listeners. You can investigate What’s What for yourself on Soundcloud now.

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