Bruce Sudano is a name that you may not have heard of, but you definitely know him. He’s the brains behind songs recorded by some of the biggest artists in the world. He’s worked with Jermaine and Michael Jackson  (Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming), Dolly Parton (Starting Over Again), Reba McEntire (Starting Over Again), and his late wife, the legendary Donna Summer (Bad Girls).

The Brooklyn native started his career early, teaching himself to play the accordion,. piano and guitar at a very young age. As a teenager, Sudano secured his first hit on the charts (Ball Of Fire) in 1969, before going on to become the keyboard player of Alive N Kickin’. After establishing a solo career, writing much of Donna’s songs with her, managing her career for over 20 years, and writing and recording with countless artists, Bruce is back with a brand new album. The latest project, entitled “The Burbank Sessions” , is described as a “live album without the audience” as it was recorded in his rehearsal studio in California.  Bruce says that they “played the songs as if we were doing a set in a club. We did each one a couple of times, chose the better take and mixed.”

Upon listening to Sudano’s latest record, the brilliant song-writing is prevalent and his musicianship shines throughout. It’s clear that this record is an “aftermath record” in that the reflection on past and previous events are described throughout the seven-track album. One track “Never Too Late” opens with “Oh no it’s never too late to dream” which just emphasizes the strength and dedication Bruce has to achieving his goals. The song, with it’s almost-Caribbean sound and it’s empowering positive beat, is a relection of Bruce’s nature in person and you find yourself feeling almost uplifted and ready for anything! “Why Aren’t You Here” is a introduction into Bruce’s mind as you hear his thoughts while he yearns for a loved one. “I need you here, you’ve been gone too long” is sung as an almost cry for help. Bruce’s unique-sounding voice helps evoke that pain a person experiences when missing someone you close to them. “September in Your Eyes” is a song that if you know Bruce’s history, makes complete sense, but at the same time, is a song that everyone can relate to in some way. The lyrics here are again another in-depth look into the singer’s mind, leading you feel as if you know him without ever actually meeting.

After seeing Bruce perform last September in NYC at the famous venue Joe’s Pub, it’s obvious from the start that Bruce is a true Musician and his musicianship shines through. In person, his calm peaceful nature is both refreshing and humbling and just another factor that prove he’s all about the music. After doing dates in the U.S. and touring all over Europe for the month of November this year, the 2016 looks very bright for him. With many projects in the works, it’s safe to say that you’re going to be hearing a lot more of Bruce Sudano.

Download “The Burbank Sessions” now:

Check out an acoustic version of the song “Starting Over Again” written with Donna Summer:


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