Scottish artist Bryan Donoghue has been composing music for more than half a decade. The Edinburgh based singer/songwriter spent three years performing with rock band Kolumbia before taking a sabbatical from the industry. After four months away, he decided that the time was right to return and set up a session with Graeme Taylor of his hometown’s Chamber Studios.

This led to the creation of his enthralling new EP, Beautiful Chaos. Opening with “The Waiting”, a jovial riff immediately captivates ahead of a vibrant melody that trucks contently forward. A merry harmonica solo arrives soon thereafter to bridge the gap between the chorus and the equally joyful second verse. This light and airy acoustic pop/rock composition is sure to brighten up a room and put smiles on faces.

“Iron Hand Machine” succeeds it with a relaxing musical beginning that leads into an amazingly resonant harmony, before the harmonica makes a stirring comeback. While it’s still easy on the ears, it’s also a lot more bracing than its predecessor, unfolding with a heightened sense of urgency. The fast pace and meaningful instrumentation ensure that it remains incredibly gripping until its end.

“Fire in the Sky” features a mellow but pleasant instrumental introduction that prefaces a passionate melody. A wonderful electric guitar solo in the middle both soothes and motivates as it develops. There’s a lot of energy and intensity exhibited throughout, despite a relatively reserved and laid back execution. It’s an awesomely affective finale that brings the compilation to a tremendous conclusion.

Bryan Donoghue has put together three invigorating acoustic pop/rock pieces that are full of heart and enthusiasm. There’s a lot of depth and import inherent in each offering which makes for an engrossing listen, while their vivid vocal work and gentle instrumentation also affords them a vast amount of accessibility. Beautiful Chaos is available to experience in its entirety on Soundcloud now.

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