Bull Funk Zoo is the alter-ego of Dubai based artist Assaad Lakkis. Hitting the scene several years ago, the Middle Eastern musician has been making a name for himself both at home and abroad by opening for icons such as Sting and catching the attention of a number of high profile media outlets including Rolling Stone.

His remarkably original approach to rock has earned him tens of thousands of followers on social media, as well as a nomination at America’s IMA Awards. With a new album due to drop in the coming months, he’s preparing to incite anticipation by releasing the single “Would You?” on April 29th.

Opening with an arresting alternative riff, it soon explodes into a menacing melody that mesmerises in the verse. Its execution is energising and eccentric as it stomps enthusiastically forward, displaying an endearingly dark demeanour. An exhibition of delightfully distorted guitars prefaces a bracing breakdown around the minute mark, during which the vocals keep cool and compelling.

It’s not long before it all flies off forcefully again, feeling disaffected and determined ahead of another laid-back but biting chorus. Its idiosyncratic style continues to entice across enlivening riffs and strange chants in the third minute. This is followed by a fiery final harmony that brings things to an appropriately quirky conclusion.

Bull Funk Zoo has created an incredibly characterful composition that stays spirited and intense as it unfolds. Its raw, resolute refrain fuses with its wonderfully offbeat instrumentation to forge a singular sound that should appeal to anyone who enjoys unique and innovative alt-rock anthems.

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