On the 31st of May I went to Dublin’s 3Arena to see English pop-rock trio Busted. First formed in 2000, and made up of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, they had many number one hits before splitting up in 2005. Luckily the band reformed again earlier this year. This was their first show in Dublin in 12 years.

The night began with impressive performances from Emma Blackery and Wheatus

It was time for “Busted.” to take to the stage. Their opening song was “Coming Home” a song they released earlier this year. Screams and cheers came from the excited crowd. The energy was high as they then played their hit “Air Hostess” which made the crowd shout every lyric in sync with the band.

Coming Home

You could tell the band felt the energy the crowd gave off, as they put more and more into their performances of ‘Falling For You’, ‘Everything I Knew’ and ‘Dawson”s Geek’ which created an electrifying atmosphere.

They also played new songs ‘Easy’ and ‘One of a Kind’ which went down well with the crowd. They also did a rework of their song ‘I’ll Meet You There’ wherein they had the crowd sing along towards the end of it.  Echoes of voices filled the arena. It was beautiful to listen to.

That was one thing I loved about this gig, there were moments to go wild and have fun but also moments to relax and enjoy the music. I hadn’t realised how good the trio were at reading the crowd. They really weren’t afraid to let go on stage, which is what I think made the atmosphere as good as it was.

For ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ the band got everyone in the arena to shine a light as they sang. The crowd took over singing the song themselves at one point.

The night ended with hits such as ‘Crashed The Wedding’, ‘What I Go To School For,’ and ‘Year 3000’ which ended the gig on a high.

This gig pleasantly surprised me. Being honest, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The show was highly entertaining and full of involvement with the crowd. Judging from the audience at the gig, their fans seem to have stayed with them over the years. If they play their cards right with the next album, they really could go from strength to strength musically.