Cable Street Collective have achieved quite a bit since they first came together at an open mic night in London back in 2012. On top of earning the approval of both BBC Radio and XFM in the UK, the band have graced the stage at a number of profilic music events, including Britain’s Isle of Wight Festival.

The ensemble define their style as “carnival pop”, which they describe as being “music that makes you want to dance your arse off.” Based on their exceptionally upbeat debut EP, The Best of Times, it seems a very appropriate way to characterise their material.

Following a brief intro, the record gets off to a jubilant start with “Wasted Hours”. Some sprightly instrumentation sails off next to a wonderfully uplifting and passionate melody. Emanating an extremely sunny disposition, this infectious opener is designed to brighten up a room and warm hearts.

“He’s on Fire” pounds along in its wake through speedy percussion and amazingly absorbing vocals. There’s no escaping the enthralling rhythm of this vivacious pop anthem. The amount of energy it contains is absolutely irresistible. It’s followed by a cheeky riff that introduces “Yin and Prang” before handing the reigns over to a cheerful duet. You’d be hard-pressed to stop listening even if you wanted to, so engaging is its execution.

A short interlude bridges the gap to “Can’t Take Me Under”. Featuring a delightfully sanguine riff and optimistic chorus, it’s quite a lustful piece lyrically. “Two Cities” skips nonchalantly out of this on a bouncy beat that picks up a quick momentum. Things slow down in the middle, gradually building back up to a spirited conclusion.

Cable Street Collective’s inaugural compilation is a wonderful assemblage of festive anthems that are brought to life through infectious instrumentation and spectacular vocals. I’d defy anyone, regardless of musical taste, to listen to their work here and not be completely captivated from start to finish. The Best of Times is guaranteed to relieve you of stress and put a smile on your face.

You can find the EP now on iTunes.

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