The fable of Cado’s affection for composing commenced close to two decades ago in County Kildare when he allegedly stole a Beatles record at the age of ten and immediately fell in love with the songs it showcased. This inspired him to delve deeper into the genre of sixties rock, and after witnessing his father perform Chuck Berry’s beloved “Johnny B. Goode” during his eleventh year on the planet, he decided it was his destiny to introduce a whole new generation to the techniques and styles that transformed his favourite musicians into some of the most influential artists of all-time.

Following a fruitful few years of touring with The Shades, the industrious Naas native finally unleashed his first solo EP in the autumn of 2016. Entitled Take Me Back, the fantastically feisty four track compilation served as an adept tribute to the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ rolls acts while simultaneously rejuvenating the genre for the modern era. Now, he’s returned to enthral listeners with a tremendously thrilling new tune named “Satisfy My Soul”.

It begins with a barrage of bracing singing before the instrumentation accelerates and gives rise to a remarkably riveting rhythm. The pace stays pressing as the vocals continue to excite with their infectious enthusiasm atop an assortment of stupendously vigorous guitars and drumming.

An exhibition of innocuous yet exhilarating riffs provides an enlivening link from the festive first chorus to the spunky second stanza, after which the music and melody become even more avid as the whole thing darts exuberantly in the direction of an incredibly energising ending. The result is another skillful and speedy retro-rock anthem from Cado that remains relentlessly rousing from start to finish.

Cado: Satisfy My Soul (Single Review)
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