After discovering The Beatles at the age of ten, Irish composer Cado came to the conclusion that he’d arrived on Earth a few decades later than he should have. So enamoured was he by the music of the Liverpudlian legends, that he grabbed hold of a guitar and decided to dedicate his life to adapting the rollicking rock ‘n’ roll sound of days past for the modern era. The next few years saw him involved in a variety of bands before he finally forged his first solo outing, Take Me Back.

Featuring four feisty tracks, it explodes to life via the rosy riffs of its eponymous anthem. A sunny serenade sets in to entice on the way forward, maintaining an energetic ambience as the whole thing dances endearingly in the direction of the enlivening introduction of “Record Machine”. This quick and characterful composition recalls the work of artists like Little Richard and Chuck Berry by embracing a brilliantly bright old school beat that keeps it compelling from start to finish.

“Oh Baby” slows things down then, absorbing with its optimistic guitars and sanguine singing. The atmosphere stays soothing as the music and melody move merrily towards the wonderfully uplifting opening of “Would You Dance?” A fast and fervent affair follows from here, employing a mixture of vivacious vocals and airy instrumentation to ensure the record reaches a cheery terminus.

Cado has crafted a collection of captivatingly quirky songs that serve as a thrilling tribute to the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ rolls acts while simultaneously reviving the genre for a new generation. The playful personality and riveting retro style of each offering are guaranteed to go down well with enthusiasts of all ages. Be sure to investigate Take Me Back for yourself when it arrives online on August 12th.

Cado: Take Me Back

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