“MeMeMe” is the upcoming single from Reading-based pop singer Calum Foad’s EP “Flaws”. With a music video available now, the track’s release will follow on the 13th of July.

My first impression was that this is one happy guy. Everything about this song and its accompanying video is squeaky clean. It’s an upbeat, reggae-tinged guitar-pop piece with a gleeful sounding major chord sequence and gentle vocals. Throughout the video Calum stares at the camera looking downright ecstatic. I have to be honest here… I can’t stand it!

I really don’t want to sound mean or grumpy, and bear in mind that this is entirely an opinion. This type of music has its audience of which I am absolutely not part. A lot of listeners will enjoy Mr. Foad’s nice guy image and completely inoffensive music style. It’s just that for me, it lacks substance and individuality. I would put this in the same category as Ed Sheeran, but there’s a huge discrepancy in ability and in comparison, Ed almost sounds edgy.

Lyrically there are some positives. The song is a tongue-in-cheek burn on those intent on ruining social networking sites by filling our news feeds with selfies and photos of what their dog is eating for brunch on its new fad diet and other such things that nobody cares about. The phrase “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” springs to mind here, so I must give kudos to the man for that. I also would like to take back what I said earlier about not being grumpy.

The irony in the line “Now you can brag about your very own song” is clever, and seems to possibly be a reference to Carly Simon’s hit “You’re so vain”. A highlight for me. However it must be said that a song about social networking trends is always going to lack staying power, and will quite possibly seem irrelevant and dated a few years down the line.

Calum Foad is certainly a capable musician and vocalist, and quite clearly loves playing music. He seems incredibly positive, and to not take himself entirely seriously. I feel the music he’s playing will divide listeners, with some loving the joyful energy he exudes and others unable to stomach the sickly sweet nature of his style. I unfortunately fall into the latter category, but urge the reader to make up their own mind.

Calum Foad - MeMeMe (Single Review)

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