Cambion are a “technically progressive” metal quartet from Devon, England. The lineup consists of Elliott Alderman-Broom on guitar and vocals, Marc Randall on guitar, Jonny Walker on bass and Frank Dennis playing drums and also sharing vocal duties. They’ve been busy over the past year playing at various festivals including Bloodstock, UK Tech Metal Fest and Euroblast in Cologne.

Their upcoming EP “Virus” is a re-release of their debut EP, with two bonus tracks “Mechanics of Extinction” and “Heterodox”, which serve as a taste of what the band have been preparing for their debut album. The EP is due to come out on April 13th.

Influenced by the likes of Meshuggah and Fear Factory, there is no shortage of heavy tunes. The level of musicianship is incredibly high. Down-tuned riffs, heavy breakdowns, polyrhythms and highly proficient lead guitar work can be found throughout. One thing that stands out upon listening is that while they do showcase their technical prowess, the group do not let this compromise their energy. The result is high octane metal with a high level of music theory to back it up.

Of the eight tracks included, the standout numbers are “Resurrection”, the final track from the original release and “Mechanics of Extinction”, their latest single. Both of which really showcase their sound. The bonus tracks hint at how the group has further developed their sound since the initial release of “Virus”, and it’s incredibly promising. “Virus” is definitely worth a listen for fans of the genre.

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