Cameron Davidson, not to be confused with Cameron Davidson – the photographer, or Cameron, David – some toff who gets to live in a fancy house with a one and a zero on the door for the next five years, rent free. No, we’re talking about Cameron Davidson, the musician from Hinckley, in Leicestershire (pronounced laj-tʃɛst-ɛr-ʃajr) and before you ask, no I have no idea where or what that is, either. I’m aware that’s no fitting introduction for an introducing… style feature, but that’s the way it’s turned out and it’s not going to change.

You see, Cameron Davidson has his own take on pop. Some, including the man himself, would classify it as alt-pop – a moniker that could mean anything from Captain Beefheart to whatever repetitive drone Nicki Minaj comes out with next. I’d concede that it’s closer to the alternative side of things than your mainstream drivel that seems to make up the majority of the uninspired charts these days, but I digress, that pop is still pop. It’s pop, however, in the sense of Snow Patrol, One Republic, or to a lesser extent, Ed Sheeran – music with a backbone and soul that you could never say only skirts the line of ‘popular music’. If modern pop music is a mass-produced can of (brand name) cola, this alt-pop variety is like those fancy glass bottles of pink lemonade from France, but a little less gay. There’s just that bit more to it, and to Cameron Davidson.

In the studio, the band consists of the man himself on lead vocals and guitar… and bass… and backing vocals… and drums… and keys … and basically, everything you hear in any of his songs. So, to put it crassly, he’s a talented motherfucker, when putting it in the perspective that 9 out of the current UK top 10 artists feature nothing more than an washed-out EDM backing track. In addition to being one of those multi-instrumentalists, he’s also the writer behind it all.

Some of you might be familiar with Davidson’s former band, 6 Minutes to Sunrise, who had a following of their own and a U.K tour last year, supporting the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Kids in Glass Houses, but that’s a story for another day, children. Cameron himself, has been attracting some attention in recent months. More than a few gigs around the UK and a modest amount of airplay have seen him turn a few heads on the blogosphere and even in the almighty Beeb. Once the heads turned, they had nothing but good things to say.

So, why is that? What is it that sets Cameron Davidson apart from the singer-songwriter masses? Why is he better than the other aspiring alternative acts across the UK, the US and everywhere else? God knows there are enough rock or alternative bands who are trying their hands at a more pop-centric sound with the aim of attracting a following and finally making it big. So, I ask again; why Cameron Davidson?

I could let the music talk for itself, but I realise in hard-copy form, that won’t really do, so I’ll answer the blatantly rhetorical question with a blatantly short response. It’s talent.

Here’s the long one. In a studio, this guy can produce the goods. His most recent release, Sundowns and Hurricanes is melodic, uplifting, and about as well-made as a 1986 Toyota Corolla. But that’s not even his biggest selling point. It’s when you see him live that it comes into perspective. Give this man a guitar, an amp, a mic, and a loop station and he’ll blow you away. Don’t believe me? Google a live performance and I’ll wait until you’re done. Seriously, do it now.

Exactly. There’s something to be said for recording and mastering tracks in a studio, but sometimes it is just as simple as a guy with a guitar playing something live that should and does take your breath away. Yes, there are plenty of loopers out there, too, but that’s where the talent comes back into play. Cameron Davidson is something seriously special and it won’t be long until the rest of the world realises it.

Sundowns and Hurricanes is being mixed as I type, so it should be ready to give your ears a treat in the very near future. I, for one, am seriously looking forward to hearing what it has in store and you should be, too.