Dreamworks gets a bad reputation as a cheaper Dreamworks at times with their experimental animations and their hit and miss films -Cough- Boss Baby -Cough- but when they get it right. They hit it out of the park, and that’s the case with Captain Underpants.

As any kid growing up in the early 2000’s can tell you, the story revolves around George and Harold (Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch respectively), Jerome Horwitz Elementary School’s foremost comic creators, king of pranks and all together troublemakers. Their principal, Mr Krupp (Ed Helms) hates them with a burning red hot passion thus provoking him to threaten them with the worse thing they could imagine: putting them in separate classes. Fortunately a Hypno ring they found in a cereal box enables them to hypnotise him, so naturally they make him believe he’s their favorite superhero: Captain Underpants

Recently DreamWorks has been going through an experimental phase with Trolls and The Boss Baby, which wasn’t exactly on the cutting edge of storytelling nut Captain Underpants, but despite Captain Underpants is a small budget movie, it’s more creative than their last movies combined. With stylistic colourful 2D animation, that takes inspiration from the novel, that’s just generally pretty to look at, regarding voice acting Hart and Middleditch sound like they’re bringing an endless enthusiasm to their role and the rest of the cast is strong as well.

There’s an endearing quality about the movie, in the way that it seems to revel in it’s juvenile antics of the story, it makes no pretence of pretending what it is; pure unadulterated silly fun, and it doesn’t try to be anything else, and that’s wonderful to see,

While we live in a world where a Boss Baby sequel is in production, it’s good to see that DreamWorks is still capable of charming movies like this, and any sequels would most certainly be welcome.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is on general release now

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

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