There are few YouTubers as guaranteed to make my day and make me smile as Carrie Hope Fletcher. This is why when she wrote a book, I simply had to read it. It did not matter that I very rarely read non-fiction, I went ahead and ordered it. Not only was I won over by how cute the cover is under the dust jacket and the purple theme, but the content also makes me want to smile and continue reading.

This is a non-fiction book divided into sections aimed at giving big sisterly advice as to how to handle certain situations, how to dream big and how to just be happy. It is full of stories of things that has happened to her, funny, regretful and thoughtful, how these things have influenced and taught her. All I Know Now is a book that doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover to make sense. If there is a particular issue that you want to read about, you can head straight to that!

Though the majority of the book is aimed at a slightly younger age (I’m 22), that did not matter in the slightest. I found myself nostalgic for my younger self, wishing I had a TARDIS so I could go and give myself this book. It’s full of “I’m so glad that it wasn’t just me”s, “that sounds familiar”s and other feelings similar to relief and gratitude that I know someone (and probably a lot more than I had thought) had gone through similar things and had come out the other end successful. This book has so many sections that I know I can turn to – even now at this stage at my life.

There were chapters on so many things that when I was younger I just wished I had someone to talk to about. The fact All I Know Now was written with the intent to help others who are in such common, but such huge situations (as they seem at the time), is something to be admired.

The writing was also very easy to read, I found myself constantly reading and turning to just the next page. Reading Carrie’s writing is like listening to her Youtube videos. There is that definite ‘Carrie-ness’ to it that has endeared her to so many people.

The book is aesthetically very lovely, and Carrie also did the illustrations which add to the presentation. Under the dust jacket, the actual book cover is illustrated with simple hearts and stars. The illustrations also have purple colouring in them that nicely ties together the purple and yellow theme of the book. I love when effort has clearly gone into making a book as nice on the outside as it is on the inside.

Trying to adequately describe how much I feel this book will be appreciated is very difficult. I myself am not usually one to go to the non-fiction section, but this is one I am glad I didn’t pass up on.