Irish musicians Meabh and Mella Carron returned to the world of music last month to unleash their latest record, Roots. Following on from their fantastic debut album, this four piece EP examines various phases of the siblings’ lives, beginning with their childhood and concluding by contemplating what’s still to come.

The title track introduces things with a warm riff that builds bracingly behind an extremely stirring serenade. The atmosphere becomes increasingly ethereal on the way forward as the instrumentation washes chillingly through the senses. All the while, vibrant vocals continue to captivate across soft stanzas and cool choruses, forging a very affecting folk affair.

There’s a friendly feel to the gentle guitars that start “She’s a Fire” afterwards. The pace remains placid as the riffs relax underneath a resonant refrain that enthrals through to the enthusiastic chorus. The music and melody accelerate excitingly in the final minute before slowing down again for a graceful finish.

“Prison Robes” features a funky acoustic riff which rivets ahead of sobering singing. A haunting harmony arrives to arrest in the chorus, after which a salvo of slick strings paves the path to another moving melody. It all amounts to a tremendously touching and tranquil tune that’s consistently compelling.

“Marble Arch” opens ominously with a foreboding riff which grows more invigorating going forward. At the same time, a heartfelt refrain resounds rousingly across the air to ensure the proceedings reach an appropriately poignant stopping point.

Carron have composed an incredibly courtly compilation here, the style of which is extremely exquisite. The enlivening delivery of its vivifying vocals combined with its elegantly executed instrumentation gives rise to a truly enchanting assortment of folk songs that should impress a large listenership. You can investigate Roots for yourself on iTunes now.

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