Anticipation is beginning to build for Disney Pixar fans as the latest trailer for Cars 3 dropped not too long ago.

Lightning McQueen is back and, this time, isn’t partaking in any spy activity. This may come as a relief for fans as the sequel to the successful Cars, disappointed with an over-the-top story line. That being said, talking cars with eyes instead of windscreens is seemingly absurd in itself, but the original movie starring Owen Wilson and Paul Newman made it work with a touching piece of cinema.

It looks like Cars 3 will revisit the more emotional conquest approach, rather than the international espionage adventure they tried with number two. Lightning is approaching the end of his racing career. With a new and improved generation of race cars emerging, the Piston Cup winner looks to be dubbed old news. However, Lightning seems to have a point to prove and will stop at nothing to show the world he’s still the best.

Owen Wilson will of course play Lightning, and other familiar voices such as Larry the Cable Guy (Mater) and Bonnie Hunt (Sally) will feature. Other characters from the first Cars film will play their bit with most of the Radiator Springs locals appearing in the trailer.

The story line seems to be slightly more poignant this time round, certainly compared to the previous picture. Visuals of Lightning suffering a nasty looking crash suggest that this film could be an emotional rollercoaster. Nostalgic adults and excited kids will surely come together to watch Cars 3, hoping that Lightning will pull it out of the bag.

Cars 3 will be on general release 14th July 2017.

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