After a chance encounter during a job interview back in 2010, Ben Scott (drums & backing vocals), Philip Bell-Scott (bass & backing vocals), and Simon Kilgannon ( guitar and vocals) founded Cartesian Jetstream.
Influenced by acts such as Krautrock, Sonic Youth, Dylan, and The Grateful Dead, Cartesian Jetstream have a definite psychedelic sound with a sprinkling of a juxtapositional punky sneer.

Their first album, ‘Sleep Over’ released in 2013 received positive exposure from The NME and BBC 6. Their latest offering Ancestors is billed as their take on pop music, the songs are hooky and accessible, but at the same time maintain a distinctive hippy, 60’s flavour.

Celebrities is an upbeat, hippy, and kaleidoscopic pop tune with soft, fluid vocals that flow gently over a chiming guitar riff and gentle up tempo. The song vividly evokes a 60’s psychedelia atmosphere that embodies Cartesian Jetstream’s sound.

Invisible ink is a track with a much punkier feel, the flowing vocals of Celebrities are replaced with a nearly brattish snarl. The entire track has a much more immediate in-your-face attitude. The apologetically raw vocals have an almost Manchurian brit-pop quality to them.

Ancestors, an upbeat slacker anthem threads the middle ground between the other two tracks with immediate Dylanesque delivery of vocals. Psychedelic samples compliment the jangly guitars that move from the airy verse to the punk chord structure of the chorus.

Overall, the Ancestors lends itself well to those looking for an unhurried yet uptempo pop album in a similar vein to The Smiths or an earlier, rawer REM but with just enough bite and brashness to keep things interesting.

Written by Kyle Mulholland