Danish singer/songwriter Casper Blanca is a man who both loves and lives for making music. While he has a penchant for all things rock ‘n’ roll, he considers himself to be a multi-dimensional performer, whose skills and talents aren’t limited to one single instrument. The possibilities and lifestyle that come with composing are what attracted him to the industry in the first place.

Rather than availing of the option of starting a band, he chose to unearth some of his older creations and merge them with a few fresh offerings to put together an EP of his own. He also recruited some other fellow musicians to contribute to the record, which was released under the title of On Top of Sticky Fingers last year.

Now the Copenhagen based artist has returned with the single “Tug of War”, taken from his upcoming compilation, My Favourite Colour is Gold. The track begins via a biting riff that bears a wonderful classic rock flair. This establishes an absorbingly upbeat ambience on the way towards spirited vocals that echo across the opening verse. It soon builds to an atmospheric chorus, the rousing guitars and ominous aura of which are inexplicably arresting. There’s a somewhat sinister suggestion to the melody that affords it a delightfully dark edge.

The riveting riff of the start makes a comeback to guide the piece into another bracing verse, during which the instrumentation penetrates deep as it burns brilliantly through the lyrics. This is before one final foreboding refrain erupts, thrilling with its menacing mood ahead of a cutting climactic exhibition of piercing guitars.

Blanca’s latest undertaking is an exciting rock anthem that’s loaded with attitude and expression. Its invigorating instrumentation alone makes it more than worthy of taking the time to investigate. “Tug of War” is available on iTunes now, while My Favourite Colour is Gold is due to drop on September 6th.

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