Welsh Alternative-Rock band Catfish and The Bottlemen released their second studio album, ‘The Ride’ on the 27th of May 2016. Catfish and The Bottlemen’s success did not come easy. Their debut studio album, ‘The Balcony’, released in 2014, received a tremendous reception despite much hostility from critics with regards to the group and their sound. Front man McCann recently openly admitted; “I call people like David Bowie and Lady GaGa ‘artists’, but I’m not one.”

‘The Ride’ holds 11 tracks which also includes their single; ‘Soundcheck’. The group also released their single ‘7’ in the same month after much anticipation for a studio version of the track.

‘Twice’ is an almost anthem-like. In the bridge, McCann spouts; “Christ, I ain’t ever going back to thinking straight
Twice! Twice, it brung me down but it’s the last time.” whilst ‘Soundcheck’ finds McCann earnestly singing; “And I race through soundcheck, just to meet you, on your fag break.” 

‘Glasgow’ has a similar sentiment to that of ‘Hourglass’ from their debut album. An acoustic guitar is the instrumentation behind this track whilst McCann’s cheeky tone as he mouths the lyrics.

The contrast between ‘The Balcony’ and ‘The Ride’ is not as astonishing as one could have hoped for. Although polished and almost quirky to a point, the tracks on ‘The Ride’ do not seem to have the same rhythmic and lyrical hooks as of those on their debut album have, which is a disappointment in itself.



‘The Balcony’ and ‘The Ride’ are available on iTunes and to stream on Spotify now.

Written by Jade Louise

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