Edinburgh based alt-rock ensemble The Cathode Ray first began to take shape in 2006 as a collaborative project between singer/songwriters Jeremy Thoms and Paul Haig. It wasn’t long before the duo were joined in their efforts by bassist Neil Baldwin and drummer David Mack. As a foursome, they took to the studio to record their first song which was unleashed later that same year through Pronoia Records. The double A-side release ended up being quite a success, gracing the airwaves of several radio stations.

Its follow-up, “Slipping Away”, didn’t arrive until nearly three years later in 2009. By that point, there had been some change-up behind the scenes, with Haig having left and been replaced by guitarist Steve Fraser, giving birth to the band’s current incarnation. The second single marked another victory for the group, at the time being proclaimed as Single of the Year by an article featured in The Guardian newspaper.

2010 saw the musicians hit the Scottish live scene for the first time and make a name for themselves in doing so, ultimately resulting in their earning stage time at The Wickerman Festival. Their self-titled debut album hit in April of 2012 on Stereogram Records, with the song “Dispersal” achieving the distinction of being named as Track of the Month on BBC Radio in their homeland.

Now, the troupe are gearing up for the release of sophomore record Infinite Variety with their latest offering, “Resist”. Bouncing in on a playful riff, fast paced and melodic vocals quickly take over, racing through the verse. The instrumentation matches their speed and energy as it builds purposefully, grabbing the spotlight back following the first barrage of lyrics. The momentum remains relentless throughout, refusing to slow down for even a single moment of the two minute, fourteen second run time.

With its infectious rhythm and lighthearted sound, this is a fun and catchy pop punk number that is sure to build excitement for the forthcoming album. “Resist” is currently available for download from iTunes, while Infinite Variety is due to drop next month on April 20th.

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