Chameleon Technology is the alias of Max Histrionic, a Californian musician with an energetic punk influenced sound. He began performing under the alias in 2009, releasing a five-song EP and a full-length album. His latest release, the “Blank Canvas” EP was released on August 5th.

The first song is entitled “No Safe Word”. It begins with a fat bass sound before being joined by powerful drums. Clocking in at just over a minute and a half, there’s an obvious punk influence, as the track oozes with the type of aggression you might find on a Black Flack release.

“Serin’s Vending” brings down the energy slightly, but we’re still going at breakneck speed here. The call and response chorus is the standout part of this tune. Once again this song doesn’t even reach the two-minute mark, but it doesn’t really like it’s lacking in length.

The third song “Lifestyle Science” marks the halfway point on the EP and features more simple but powerful riffs and some of the more melodic vocal work that there is to be found here.

“Self Repair” is the first song that doesn’t come out swinging, with its jangly intro it’s almost like Histrionic wanted to give the listener a minute to catch their breath, but this is far from a ballad. After the intro, the crunchy guitars are back with a vengeance along with a great vocal hook.

The title track is the final tune and it begins with a few huge sounding chords before the bass and drums provide the backdrop for the vocals. When the guitars crash back in for the chorus the jump in dynamics is really satisfying. Histrionic also provides yet another great vocal performance, this time screaming his lungs out.

The “Blank Canvas” EP isn’t the type of thing that you’re going to hear on pop radio anytime soon, but Max Histrionic has managed to write and perform 5 songs that manage to really capture the blistering punk sound with more melodic influences seeping in in a way that’s totally natural. This is a great listen for any fans of more aggressive music.

Chameleon Technology Blank Canvas EP

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