Changing Gears – ‘III’ EP Review

Changing Gears – ‘III’ EP Review

Four piece indie pop/ rock group Changing Gears, who are based in Dublin formed back in 2007 and are made up of Eoin O’Donnell- vocals/ guitars, Colin Reid – Guitars, keys, vocals and drums, Darren Christie – bass and Morgan O’Brien – drums.

Their EP “III” was released on the 15th of November.

Changing gears are one of those bands that leave you feeling upbeat, help you forget about the weather, the political unrest pounded down our throats with every conversation and bring you back to those happier, always seemingly sunnier times of days gone by that makes us all innately happy to be Irish. They’re upbeat, fun, airy and bright which is sadly all too wanting with emerging bands of the past few years, listening to their new EP ‘III” is both refreshing and uplifting, but not in a Pollyanna, wait now until I gleam with happiness from every pore sort of way, their music will help reduce your heart rate and ponder the meaning of life.

The lyrics are written by Eoin and Colin, and occasionally have a reminiscent tone of the likes of Elvis Costello, Paul Simon or Tom Petty with their clarity, near country-esq indie/ folk style flowing through the EP.

“I want to be your man” has obvious influences from R.E.M. and maybe even a touch of Bob Dylan thrown in for good measure, with a slightly rockier tone, harmonious approach.

Their lyrics are also captivating and melodic, particularly Apples” which rises from mournful, nostalgic beginnings to suddenly rise into a far rockier guitar riff only to slowly wane back down to it’s softer opening over it’s eight minute track. With beautiful lyrics such as ‘Just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we’re wiser’ and ‘I’m the one who’s moving out, but you’re the one who’s leaving’ which strikes a chord of reality, and leaves you hanging on to what they’re trying to say over the harmonious simplistic guitars and overall style.

Why should you listen to Changing Gears? In an offbeat kind of way they remind me of Belle and Sebastian from their “Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant’ days or even some of Nick Drakes style seeping through. They have that same mellow, slow pace that comes from that acoustic pop genre, though they don’t necessarily fit into that group overall.