After spending his adolescence experimenting with a number of ensembles, guitarist Paul O’Riordan finally found the right fit in 2013 when he teamed up with vocalist Hannah O’Brien to form Irish indie rock act Changing Trains. Since then, the Limerick based band, which also includes artists Podge O’Donnchu, Ronan Murphy, Barry Johnson and Shane Tighe, has managed to win recognition from the likes of Ceol Collective and Dublin’s 103.2 FM for the material featured on their engrossing inaugural album, Theory of Everything.

Now they’re back brandishing a brand new single named “Gathering the Sunlight”, which dropped on the digital market on September 16th. It sails off upon a sanguine riff which relaxes on the way to the wonderfully warm refrain of the verse. The mood remains merry as the vocals continue to increase in resonance atop enthrallingly cheery instrumentation throughout the friendly first minute.

An endearingly delicate duet takes over at the start of the sunny second stanza, uplifting with its optimistic attitude until things tone down for a soft yet sonorous serenade just past the midway mark. This eventually evolves into another remarkably rousing chorus, during which the music and melody grow gradually in vigour and vibrancy before drifting out gently.

The result is a brilliantly bight blend of folk and rock by Changing Trains that stays enticingly effervescent as it unfolds. Its cordial coalescence of colourful singing and airy instrumental elements should satisfy fans of a multitude of genres. Be sure to investigate “Gathering the Sunlight” for yourself on iTunes now.


Changing Trains
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