Following on from their critically acclaimed eponymous EP last year, Belfast based band Chase the River have returned with a full length album entitled Listen to Your Inner Duck. Featuring the talents of Northern Irish native Stuart Lunn and English artist Lizzie Little, the record encompasses nine enthralling folk tracks to which listeners can lose themselves.

“Good Words” gets things going with an affecting acoustic riff ahead of a sobering serenade. The vocals are vibrant and vivifying as they wash rousingly across the senses. “You Save Me” veers in a more jovial direction in its wake, uplifting with its optimistic instrumentation and resolute refrain. The singing is soothing yet sonorous, demonstrating that both vocalists meld well together. “A Little Fire” thrills through its rapid rhythm and haunting harmony afterwards. It has a more forceful feel than the first two offerings, resulting in an exciting endeavour that leaves a lasting impression.

“Falling” floats in upon an arresting riff that develops determinedly underneath a series of spirited stanzas. The back and forth between both vocalists works well again, showing off their skills in equal measures on the way forward. “Broke” starts sombre next and remains emotional while exhibiting acute instrumentation amid a solemn serenade. “Everything’s OK” adopts a cheerier tone when it’s done, being brought to life by a merry melody and music that keeps it catchy and colourful from open to close.

“4 AM” is a thoughtful addition that displays a hushed but heartfelt harmony that makes a powerful impact atop some wonderfully warm riffs. “Moments” ups the momentum then through speedy instrumentation and vivid vocals. Its pace is purposeful as the guitars grip beneath the absorbing singing. The outcome is a quick and captivating composition ahead of the long and lamenting ballad, “The Lies and the Crimes”. This is quite a progressive piece that acts as a contemplative conclusion.

Chase the River have forged a simple yet inspiring assortment of folk songs here. Each one is packed with plenty of poignancy and passion, which should allow Listen to Your Inner Duck to appeal to a wide audience.

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