A staple of the Detroit rock scene for over a decade, mufti-instrumentalist Chris Emmerson, releases the follow up to his 2014 album ’Easy from far away’, with a new album to be released on the 25th of this month(April). ‘What I Thought’ is the first single taken from the new album. It has a funkier edge to it than previous music from Emmerson which reflects his love of Motown and blues music.

The song itself is light and has a good feeling to it. Lyrics are catchy and get stuck in your head. It is more pop than rock though in my opinion.

‘What I thought’ is a good mix of sounds, soulful, country, synth rock with a little pop. Emmerson has the cool, sultry voice to bring the song together along with some harmonic backing vocalists that give an almost gospel feel to the track, they really add a richer dimension to the track. The musical composition of the song is fantastic, you find yourself listening closely to get the full effect of the many instruments that come out in the song.

If a Motown and Blues effect was what he was going for, he achieved the desired sound with ‘What I thought’. The song was just nice, good steady beat throughout. Not a dramatic bit of music but sweet and relaxed. His other music is equally satisfying but not as funky and fresh. I will definitely check the album out on its release.

A pleasant listening experience for someone who is not at all into this kind of music, but I am not fully converted!

The album, Chris Emmerson, will be available April 25, 2015 on iTunes, CDBaby and through the artist’s web site.

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