Irish artist Chris Haze has being going from strength to strength since first setting his heart upon a career in music in 2011. Not only was he chosen by Hot Press as a “Hot for 2014” act, he was also also nominated for their “Most Promising Artist” award, along with world famous musician Hozier. On top of this, he has taken to the stage at some of Ireland’s most well known venues, including The Olympia and The Academy in Dublin, while his debut single “Over and Over” has received acclaim from both 2FM and Today FM.

At present, the Galway based singer/songwriter is enjoying success on national and regional radio with his latest single, “Don’t Wanna Fall Asleep”. Fusing elements of conventional pop and R ‘N’ B, it begins with some jazzy instrumentation which unfolds behind a reverberating melody. The rich and vivid vocals are articulately sung, helping the piece to emanate an exotic air as it maintains a swift momentum. The track can be found on Haze’s Thoughts to Words EP, along with two other offerings.

“Dry Your Eyes” opens via a distant harmony that echoes across sombre keys. Its percussion builds steadily, adding a vivacious vibe to its otherwise reserved introduction. The vocals become more expressive as it develops, eventually erupting beside the instrumentation to an energetic and affecting climax.

“I Don’t” follows by way of an optimistic riff that’s met by a cheerful beat before a resonant harmony sets in. While there’s a strong sense of longing and decisiveness to the gentle chorus, it’s an altogether light and lively composition that rests easy on the ears before it whistles out nonchalantly.

Thoughts to Words carries a harmless and inoffensive sound that is loaded with passion and enthusiasm. Fast paced and affective, it’s well suited to finding itself a comfortable place within mainstream music charts. Head over to iTunes to check it out now.

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