Hailing from the empirical state of Reggae, Jamaican born dancehall revivalist Jamar McNaughton has dropped a banging new track from his newly released album, ‘Chronology’. More commonly known as Chronixx, the 24-year-old has already fostered success having obtained a number one spot on the Billboard Top 100 US Reggae album charts and his popularity continues to soar.

Chronixx’s latest offering, ‘Likes’ has already grafted over 800,000 views on YouTube and a real substance supports this melodious rap. Scratchy digital beats underline the length of the song, while Chronixx dishes some home truths. The repetitive hook ‘I do it for the love I don’t do it for the likes’ pin points the singer’s frustrations towards the shameful influence social media oppresses upon the world. At one point, the talented producer/singer-songwriter commends global superstars Rihanna and Drake having resurrected the genre of dancehall with the international hit ‘Work’.

‘Likes’ is certainly different from anything else on the radio at the moment. The self-produced track channels a traditional reggae melody but little twists such as the synthesizers and occasional backing vocals unveil a fresh, feel good jam. A combination of simple dimensions allows passionate issues to be elevated to the forefront of his music. Chronixx refuses to chain his identity to the concept of what defines popular music today. And this is only the beginning.

Admittedly, I wasn’t completely sold once the initial four minutes concluded. But, there was something funky and unorthodox lingering behind ‘Likes’. This is song is a grower, infectious to the root. And the fact Chronixx has already graced the Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2017 says everything about this rising sensation.

Bask in the wonder of Chronixx below.