There’s always been something refreshing about hearing the lilt of a true blue Dublin accent over a track; there’s an authenticity to it you just don’t get from performers throwing on that false American twang we’re all too used to hearing. Of course, the same goes for anyone singing in their own accent, be it Christy Moore, Kate Nash, Ronnie Drew, or Johnny Rotten. Is that the main draw of Cillian Foster’s G.D.C? Not by a long shot.

See What Happens is a taste of home in more ways than one. For us Dubs, there’s definitely the comfort factor, but it’s not just the vocal delivery. It’s a story¬†we’ve heard before – guy meets girl, they get involved, things get complicated; it’s been done to death, but here it’s with an inimitable twist that has to be heard to fully recognise. It’s familiar in so many ways, but with a refreshing take. All the way through, there’s an air of legitimacy to See What Happens that you just don’t get from mass-produced pop. Is it the simplicity of it all, or is it another, less tangible quality?

It’s a laid back kind of 90s rock – think more upbeat UK than miserable Seattle, the kind you’d listen to with a group of friends, rather than a dark room alone – with a catchy guitar line played on dual leads. Speaking of catchy, the chorus hook of ‘No, no, no, no, no’ and the post-chorus guitar work just screams festival mainstage to me, with droves of crowds chanting along. Cut to light show and it all just fits so perfectly.

There’s a lot to like from this offering. Cillian Foster has been well known on the scene for a while, be it as a solo musician receiving praise from the likes of Aslan or touted as ‘the next big thing’ with his band. He’s not so much someone who needs an introduction as someone who just deserves a little more attention, and as far as I’m concerned, See What Happens is the perfect song to do just that.