Ballygarvan based musician Clare O’Mahony first found a passion for performing when she began playing piano at the age of four. While her attention drifted in other directions during adolescence, she discovered a renewed appreciation for composing in young adulthood after being inspired by artists such as Sinead Lohan, Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell. Their work encouraged her to pick up a guitar and embark on a mission to make music of her own.

Her quest commenced with recording demos on cassette and culminated in the creation of her debut record, Secret World. Since then, she has appeared live all around Ireland, playing alongside the likes of James Blunt and Ron Hynes, as well as hitting stages across the Atlantic in New York, Chicago and various parts of Canada. Now she’s getting ready to unleash her latest album, Make Your Move, which will feature her most recent single, “Start Again”.

The track takes off with an upbeat riff that paces purposefully into a resolute refrain which arrests with its marvellous vitality and vigour. The momentum remains rapid and rousing moving forward, maintaining a determined demeanour on the way to the slick and stirring chorus. The instrumentation stays speedy afterwards as it trucks towards another soft but soothing serenade in the second stanza.

There’s a friendly yet forceful feel to it all that keeps it compelling going into the next catchy chorus. A final volley of vivifying vocals invigorates in the enlivening last minute before the guitars grip again on approach to the airy ending. The outcome is an affable and effective folk affair whose spirited style affords it a large amount of accessibility.

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