Closet Nerd are a Californian pop punk group with new a album that packs a punch! Their album ‘Shoot Up Drugs Not School’s is the highly anticipated follow up from their EP ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’. It’s safe to say that these Cali kids will no doubt steadily gain a huge fan base. ‘Shoot Up Drugs Not Schools’ is an album full of catchy tunes, tantalising synths and intoxicating instrumentals. The Californian accented vocals feel comforting, almost nostalgic at times, somewhat reminiscent of EPs one would find trawling through Myspace back in the day.

The album opens with ‘The Long Road to Nowhere’, this track is a great opener for the album as it’s high impact catchy nature sets the pace for the rest of the lads work. Angst laden lyrics are juxtaposed with playful instrumentals which makes for an interesting listen. ‘Pimp Slapped’ follows on from the opening, another strong track from Closet Nerd, this number is angry, catchy and emotional. ‘Love Spell’ is wonderfully written and perfectly executed, the deeply personal lyrics could stir up emotions in even the coldest of hearts!

‘Waiting For Wendy’ is a more sombre, sobering track on the album, while it still remains high energy, it’s definitely one for the lonely hearts club. ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is another impressive track from the lads, this number sounds like a completely different group, but not in a bad way! This song is more jazzier, more soulful, it’s a nice break from all the other high energy tracks on the album. Similar to the aforementioned ‘Devils Advocate’, the track ‘The Last Place’ feels like a different group again, this emotional track utilises Brianna Hernandez’s lyrical prowess wonderfully, Hernandez’s vocals, coupled with a strong guitar riff, make this track another stand out for the Californian crooners.

Angst fueled lyrics paired with spectacular instrumentals, Closet Nerd are definite ones to watch. It’s also important to note this group’s immense generosity, all proceeds of the albums sales will be donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Their album and art is a reaction to the prevalence of school shootings in America, the group put emphasis on love and art, rather than violence, another refreshing aspect to these guys’ work. Highly recommended.