Canadian alternative outfit Cloth commenced in Calgary when guitarist/vocalist Aaron Giesbrecht decided to venture into the world of writing and performing. Taking cues from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Rush and Opeth, the act’s sound is a fascinating fusion of rock, jazz and metal that can be felt throughout their recently released record, The Sobiet Union.

“Dovetails” gets things off to a thrilling start via vigorous riffs and characterful vocals. Its attitude is upbeat and enthusiastic as it stomps enticingly across an ocean of energetic instrumentation and slick singing. The rhythm relents and builds back up several times, resulting in quite a progressive piece which works well.

“Cold Eyes” establishes a mellower mood via restrained riffs and a solemn serenade. Its tempo increases on the way forward, offsetting the sombre sensibility of the start. The instrumentation is exciting again, while the harmony is heartfelt and expressive. “Blind Ambition” is another enlivening affair afterwards that’s afforded a fun feel by its airy instrumentation and speedy singing. Things tone down for a period in the middle, before an array of arresting riffs take over to guide the whole thing to a compelling conclusion.

The sobering acoustic guitar of “Unity” bears a dire demeanour that gradually softens as it unfolds, eventually evolving into a light and relaxing riff. It paces purposefully alongside spirited singing to forge a lackadaisical and unconcerned composition. “Slave of Strings” opens ominously before bursting into fast and frantic instrumentation. There’s an urgency to the vocals that keeps it keen all the way through to the warm riff of “Tranquil Turbulence”. This emotional offering makes a poignant impact without the need for any lyrical intervention.

“The Machine” flies off forcefully in the direction of a catchy melody. It becomes progressive again, exhibiting an assortment of styles that flow fairly fluidly into each other, ahead of the sombre start of the title track. This eight and a half minute behemoth constantly shifts gears as it unfolds, ensuring the proceedings are a given a quirky conclusion.

The Sobiet Union is a dexterous endeavour from Cloth that certainly has a lot going on. The genres that have influenced the band are plainly apparent in each song, which gives it all a sound that’s diverse, yet almost always consistent. If you’re a fan of dynamic and determined anthems, then this album may well suit you.

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