Hailing from northern England, five piece rock ensemble Cloverhill first came together a little over a year and a half ago. This may make them a relatively new act on the scene, but you certainly wouldn’t know it by listening to their music. The band’s four track EP, 7 of One, 2 ½ of the Other, boasts a collection of rock anthems skillfully composed in a delightfully old school style that is an undeniable call back to seventies and eighties hard rock bands.

EP opener, “Get Single”, has a back to basics feel. Beginning with a simple yet heavy riff that runs through the verse, it’s not entirely dissimilar to Thin Lizzy of decades past. The upbeat and enthusiastic flow gives way to a wonderfully executed musical breakdown in the middle, showing off some accomplished guitar skills. It serves as a safe and accessible way to get things started.

“Amy Does Hollywood” follows on with a heavier, grittier rhythm, reminiscent of the glory days of Guns ‘N’ Roses. The band speed up the momentum here with a track that seems tailor made for live performances. The catchy, infectious chorus blends the talents of lead vocalist Paul Laskey with those of backing singers Lynn Aitch and Sara Dee perfectly. It’s sure to have crowds singing and bouncing along.

“Down Hill to the River” serves as something of a departure from the sound of the first two tracks. It begins with a more complicated and raw riff, that quickly gives way to a quiet, reserved verse. The lead and backing vocals come together well again, in a song that has a very mellow vibe and is ideal for sitting back and unwinding to. The arduous opening riff returns about three quarters of the way in, building spectacularly to an epic finale while maintaining a chilled out ambience.

Final entry, “Rollin’”, sees a return to a faster, more lively tempo. There’s a hectic, urgent pace to the music and vocals, which is maintained through the verses and speeds up further during the addictive chorus. This is certainly the track with the most dire sound on the EP. It’s easy to lose yourself to and is bound to be a crowd pleaser at gigs.

There really isn’t a bad track on 7 of One, 2 ½ of the Other. Cloverhill definitely seem to know what their sound is and are confident in its execution. Their goal is clearly to pay homage to the classic rock of times gone by, while making their own mark on the genre. A lot of potential is demonstrated here and I’d be excited to hear what these guys could do with a full album. They’re a definite talent to watch.

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