Taken from the recently released Dwell EP, out now via Fox Records, Coast To Coast present their new single Cornerstone. Tackling the subject of long distance relationships, vocalist Kei Hyland expands: “it’s about having that someone in your life who makes such a big difference. As I’m in a long distance relationship I have real ups and downs being so far apart, but I think the song captures how worth it these relationships can be when you are with the right person.” With the video for which can be seen below, the band convey “exactly what the song was about; missing someone, feeling high and feeling low“.

Despite it being Coast To Coast’s first strike, Dwell, is well formed collection of dynamic rock nuggets, which sees the band treading a line between pop punk and pop rock, with Kei’s idiosynchratic vocals soaring atop the mix like a Hawk on an updraft. “With this being our first EP we didn’t want to bolt ourselves down to a single genre,” states Kei; “We wanted to just play whatever we liked without worrying too much about it. We’ve ended up with an EP that has a bit of everything. ‘Bloom’ shows off our pop punkside, which is really our bread and butter, but then ‘Cornerstone’ has a more emo overtone. Each song is different, but they all have the same roots.

Completed by guitarists Alex Edge and Josh Taylor and drummer Darius Walters, Coast To Coast are a distinctly British band, perpetuators of their own self-effacing Twitter hashtag #dadbodsquad, and the nickname ‘Sad Sods With Dad Bods’. Kei concludes: “The EP is quite sad and emotional; I hope people can relate to the songs because a big thing that drew me to pop punk/emo music was the lyrics. They may not be well written and poetic but they are real and true.

Live tour dates:
24th April 2016 – (EP Launch Party) The Rainbow, Birmingham
25th June 2016 – Jump On Demand Festival, Liverpool
29th June 2016 – The Asylum, Birmingham
14th August 2016 – Live It Up Festival, Northampton

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Coast To Coast Released ‘Dwell’ via Fox Records on 8th April. Get it now on iTunes

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