Japanese alt-rock act Coast to Coast are continuing their quest of using music to tear down language barriers and unite the world through the power of passionate post-hardcore pieces. Since the release of their Lessons Learned EP in June, members Brent, Tomo, Matty, Chris, Yuichi and Derek have been out conquering the crowds on the Tokyo and Nagoya live circuits once again, with a whole host of shows still to come in August and September. In between gigs, they’ve managed to find time to shoot a music video for their latest single, “Empty”.

Taken from the aforementioned compilation, the song deals with the feeling of being forced to live a life in line with societal expectations and how this can deprive us of realising our true hopes and dreams. This is reflected in the accompanying video, which features scenes of the band performing intercut with a protagonist who rediscovers his youthful ambitions and attempts to call back in time to tell his past persona not to give up on them.

The track itself explodes into an ocean of intense, rebellious riffs, as disaffected drums pound persistently in the background. This soon transitions into a smooth and stirring instrumental exhibition that excites as it sprints into a supremely spirited serenade. It maintains a melodic style during the chorus, which is brimming with fire and fury.

A more mellow verse follows, establishing an affecting air on the approach to a light lyrical breakdown. This bridges the gap to another display of pressing guitars and percussion, while the vocals rediscover their vigour to resound out rousingly. From here, it all bounces bracingly in the direction of a wild and raucous climax. You can find “Empty” along with the rest of Lesson Learned on iTunes.

Coast to Coast: Empty single review
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