Coast to Coast - Lessons Learned EP review

Coast to Coast – Lessons Learned EP review

Compromising six members of diverse backgrounds, Japanese based easycore ensemble Coast to Coast aim to use their music to transcend barriers built by language and nationality. Having originally formed in 2011, they relaunched themselves in 2013 following a hiatus. Since then, they have been consistently active around Nagoya and Tokyo, playing shows and filling supporting slots for the likes of PVRIS and State Champs.

The band have big plans for the remainder of 2015, starting with the worldwide release of their Lessons Learned EP on June 4th. The five track compilation pounds into vigorous instrumentation as “Empty” opens up with a strong post-hardcore flavour ahead of a melodic verse and energetic chorus. It’s an altogether zealous alt-rock riot that’s given life by enthusiastic vocals and tumultuous guitars.

The fast and forceful riff of “Gravity” runs into a spirited melody afterwards, before a bracing bridge takes over and pierces the senses by screaming its words out furiously. The weight of the guitar work is particularly impressive throughout this busy and boisterous composition. “Here and Now” dives straight into another ardent introduction when it’s done. Veering closer to the border of pop/rock, things unfold somewhat more smoothly than during its predecessors. It’s still a heavy and hectic offering though, arriving laden down with feeling and ferocity as it spouts out its expressive lyrics

Penetrating guitars roar out from behind a passionate melody as “Veils, Visions, Fading” gets going, building up a swift momentum for its catchy chorus. The raw vocals that follow cut through their assertive disposition, helping to sustain a quick and relentless rhythm. “Destinations” explodes out of its aftermath, making a powerful impact with a turbo charged riff. Its vociferous verse features a heartfelt harmony that bellows its way towards a speedy and sonorous chorus. The biting instrumentation and untamed attitude bring the record to an ecstatic end.

There’s certainly no shortage of enthusiasm and spirit buried within the material crafted by Coast to Coast here. This is an admirably accomplished piece of work for a band who are still in their infancy, serving as a dexterous debut for the six piece. There should be enough ardour and aggression to keep fans of contemporary punk and post-hardcore happy throughout. Lessons Learned is available for pre-order on iTunes now.