British based blues band Coffee Pot Drive features a line-up comprising representatives of five different countries. Each of its members have accomplished careers behind them, having previously toured alongside industry heavyweights such as Status Quo and Goo Goo Dolls as part of other projects. Their future as an ensemble appears every bit as encouraging, with a whole host of sold out shows around London already under their belts.

Their debut album, Edge of Town, is crammed with charisma. The twelve track symphonic assemblage begins with a brief intro before the ominous and absorbing opening of “Fallback” builds into an adept melody. This leads to a catchy chorus, the forceful attitude of which is quite invigorating. A powerful second stanza ensues, continuing to captivate with vibrant vocals and exciting instrumentation. It’s a pressing piece that serves as a stirring start.

“Deep Freeze” is more laid-back musically, but just as vivacious vocally. Maintaining your attention for its duration, it remains active and animated while also sporting a rather relaxing rhythm. It’s followed by the reserved first verse of “The Forest”, which glides in the direction of a rousing refrain for the chorus. The result is an assertive anthem that’s packed full of feeling and fury.

When it’s done, a hushed acoustic riff slowly progresses towards a soft serenade that rests easy on the ears during “Bayou”. The quick instrumentation and quirky melody of “Hey Suzy!” bounce out of its wake, keeping keen and playful until an enthusiastic end. There’s a disaffected but urgent edge to the guitars of “Change” afterwards. Its expressive harmony and buoyant beat establish an energetic ambience that really draws you in.

“I Love You” takes off upon warm riffs which pave the way to a mellow melody. A series of cutting choruses later on reverberate wonderfully across the air. “Glass in my Mellow” is a fast and feisty number that’s immediately engrossing next. Its combination of vigorous verses and heartfelt harmonies infuse it with plenty of personality, while its ecstatic instrumentation thrills throughout.

“Don’t Know Love” is another avid offering, loaded with eager instrumental elements and fervent vocals. From here, the choir-like “Coffee Pot Prayer” acts as bracing bridge to the poignant pianos and resounding refrain of “Killer.” It’s an affecting entry that makes for a stunning swansong.

Coffee Pot Drive have put together a soulful and spirited inaugural outing that has plenty of passion. Its exhilarating instrumentation is nicely complemented by strikingly sonorous vocals, while its blues bearing is laced with enough pop/rock hints to satisfy a wide array of listeners. Keep an eye for Edge of Town when it arrives on August 31st.

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Coffee Pot Drive - Edge of Town
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