Scottish ensemble Cold Years originally came together at the start of 2014 with the intention of making music that would appeal to enthusiasts of many different genres. Following the release of their debut EP, Mile Marker, the Aberdeen based band embarked on a quest to conquer the crowds across the UK with their enthralling array of alt-rock anthems. Now, they’re getting reading to unleash their latest record, Death Chasers.

Featuring five fervent tunes for fans to feast upon, it opens with the wonderfully raw refrain of its title track. It’s not long until the instrumentation races off rousingly, exciting alongside volleys of vitalising vocals. This gets things off to a spirited start before “Song for Our Ghosts” takes over to thrill with its penetrating riffs and hard-hitting harmonies. The rhythm remains riveting on the way forward as the singing grows more expressive atop onslaughts of invigorating guitars and percussion.

“Lives” enlivens again next with quick and cool riffs which run rapidly underneath a mellow melody. It all mesmerises across a collection of sobering stanzas and canorous choruses. “Split Blood” stays stirring when it’s done, exuding oodles of energy and enthusiasm as it trots thunderously towards the tranquil introduction of “Troublebound”. The relatively restrained affair that unfolds from here develops gently yet determinedly, eventually erupting into an exhibition of piercing instrumentation which provides the proceedings with a powerful finish.

Cold Years have created an extremely impactful compilation that displays plenty of passion and poignancy as it plays out. There’s a very vivacious vibe to the whole thing that keeps it consistently captivating. This, combined with the remarkably melodic delivery of each song, should succeed in winning over a wide audience.

Cold Years
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