Dublin rapper Collie will release his 4th studio album “The Bitter Truth”, on November 14, to a global audience via iTunes, Spotify, XBox Music and all major digital outlets.

While homegrown rap artists on this little green isle have been flourishing over the last couple of years, Collie looks and sounds determent to join them and make his stamp amongst the elite. The ten solid tracks on the album use a fine blend of Motown, RnB and jazz melodies accompanied by lyrical poetry.

The opening song “Day One” Collie keeps it real, talking about his own comeback, experience and slagging off the competition. “No Matter What You Do Ft Funzo”. Both artists compliment each other, with Collie laying down lyrical beats and Funzo offering his vocal abilities over the track. Collie and Funzo released a video last year with this track, the video has clocked over 10k views on youtube.

“Fresh” is the third tune on the album and comes with a sweet jazz groove under the rhymes, it has an old school rap feel to it with the melody spiraling round Collies lyrical genius. “Due In The Ministry”, is a more upbeat rap driven tune and the chorus makes for a good sing along.

Halfway through at track number five, “True Champ” is were Collie works his magic with his lyrics and catchy chorus lines. Keeping the listener interested and head bopping the album gets even more exciting with song number six “Lazy Bones Ft Funzo”, again both artists work well together, with Collie rhyming alongside Funzo’s vocal lines.

“Shock To The System”, Collie uses some cool techno beats under his rapping on this song, it would offer a good track for any club DJ to spin. Although it’s only a short tune, it makes a good filler track on the album.

Track eight “Forgotten More Ft Funzo”, the use of jazz loops and latin beats in this song sounds fantastic, Funzo’s voice softens the hard rapping from Collie that cuts through the beat. Leading into song number nine “Bassline”, this songs kicks in with a dance beat and 90’s style rave melody. Collie works wonders on this track, integrating rap over the music and looping catchy lyrics into the song.

The Album finishes out with “The Music”, the lyrics are honest and modest and are laid over an electronic chill out sound. The one thing that I like about Collie is that he does not use any political noise, drugs, sex or money lyrics to sell his sound. This is an artist that keeps it real from the heart and his heart is in Dublin and writing about his experiences.

The Bitter Truth album is one of the finest examples of rap music to come out of Dublin. Collie stand-up and take a bow for another superb production.

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