‘Simple Loving’ is a beautifully crafted acoustic guitar-driven song from Cork musician Colm Fitzpatrick.

Colm has a classical and folk background and was a prize winner at the esteemed Cork Folk Festival. It is very obvious from the very first twangs of his guitar that is a very thoughtful musician, the guitar playing carrying obvious classical influences but still very much rooted in a ragtime style. His guitar playing reminds my ears very much of the likes of virtuosos from the folk world such as Bert Jansch and Nic Jones and even by itself it makes compelling listening, varying in cadence and melody and driving the song onwards.

His vocals are understated and smoky with a strong emotional timbre to the lyrics, which lends the song a sincerity that endears itself to the listener. I find, however, that perhaps it would be even more powerful with a small amount of extra instrumentation such as strings but perhaps that might clutter the sound. That does not take away from the beauty of the song and the sweetness of the lyrics and I’m sure Colm’s talent is only going to expand has his career continues. Check him out on his Facebook page for upcoming events and new music!

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Colm Fitzpatrick

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