Color//Sound are a relatively new Irish alt-rock ensemble who have been working hard to make a name for themselves on their homeland’s live scene. Having only released their debut single “To The Countryside” last June, the Dublin based trio have already earned themselves supporting slots with some renowned local talent, including Cathy Davey and The Divine Comedy.

Citing artists such as Explosions in the Sky and Radiohead as influences, band members Brendan McGlynn, Oisin Furlong and Ben Roe have forged an enthralling sound that is sure to appeal to a vast audience. For proof, you need only look to their latest offering, “The Wolves”.

Diving straight into an expressive harmony that’s backed up by a fast paced acoustic riff, the new track soon erupts into a throng of fervent instrumentation. The stirring guitar work and vocals increase in momentum as they progress, growing and captivating consistently. It’s a very active composition that eases up temporarily for a mellow reprieve before building back up and bounding towards an immense finale.

Be sure to check “The Wolves” out when it hits on April 6th. In the meantime, you can psych yourself up for it by investigating some of the band’s previous work on Soundcloud. The aforementioned “To The Countryside” begins with a catchy tune and infectious instrumentation that proceeds to unfold merrily. The riffs on display are incredibly absorbing, adopting a cheerful and optimistic disposition. With a riveting rhythm and fun melody, it’s an energetic anthem that never lags or relents.

“The Moon”, on the other hand, is a softer, more gentle number, featuring an almost mystical musical introduction. Reserved and subtle vocals soon join in to generate a solemn and affecting ambience. Slow, steady and loaded with emotion and poignancy, this is a pleasant ballad that’s extremely easy on the ears.

Color//Sound’s enthusiastic and passionate style results in exciting material that’s full of life and character. These guys are definitely an act to keep an eye on. If you find yourself won over by what they have to offer, you can catch them live in Whelan’s on April 16th for the official launch of “The Wolves”.

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