Irish electro-rock act Columbia Mills took their name from a structure along the Dublin quays that was once a hive for illegal raves. The ensemble were inspired by the diversity of genres and social classes that such events attracted to the landmark location, deeming it worthy of paying tribute.

The band themselves are something of an enigma within the music scene, opting to maintain an air of mystery about their backgrounds and identities. Indeed, their official bios don’t even reveal how many members they have, teasing anywhere from two to seven participants as well as possible histories with previous bands and DJ work.

This just serves to add an extra layer intrigue to their brand new EP, The Perfect Day. Featuring four tracks, the compilation is an arresting blend of popular rock and electronica that starts with “The Advanced Stages of Out of Control”. Developing a steady momentum via upbeat guitars and percussion, a melody soon ensues which echoes softly across the instrumentation. It’s a pleasant and placid pop/rock number that makes for an easy opening.

“Same Shame” follows upon an enthusiastic beat and rousing riffs which preface a verse that builds expectantly before strolling gently forward. It all results in a lively but relaxing offering that bears an innocuous and accessible sound.

“The Perfect Day” bursts into a raucous rhythm afterwards as extremely energetic percussion bounces ecstatically through a tranquil harmony. This emanates an optimistic air as the instrumentation grows continuously and the vocals ring out passionately ahead of a cutting climax.

The warm and reserved introduction of “History” takes over, leading into a spirited melody that resounds during the verse. Pacing peacefully along, it eventually erupts with an enthusiastic electronic exhibition after the second minute. It’s a long and progressive finale in its entirety, ultimately ending with a vigorous display of striking synths.

Columbia Mills have put together a harmless and serene record that makes for an easy listen. Its material is ideally suited for chilling out after hard and stressful day. The Perfect Day is available from Bandcamp now and if you’re anxious for answers as to who exactly these guys are and what they’re all about, then head to their gig at Whelan’s on Saturday June 13th and you might just find out!

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