Comrade hat AKA Neil Burns has been hiding away in the hills of Donegal and Derry producing music for around 26 years. Coming from a newly flourishing and up and coming North westerly Irish scene, his style is reminiscent of the cold and constantly hindering weather of the area.

Having spent time in the company of such local (and up and coming heroes) Sas Head Duck, Captin A, Great White Lies, Victoria Geelan, Maximum Homosapien, Calamity Gin and Velvet Alibi. Neil is in line to make his own mark with his chilling and melodic, tripadelic and aptly titled “The winter takes it all” EP.

From the start of this EP we can see this is not going to be a drive thru experience. The first track takes us to territory currently occupied by Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra to name a few, but with new generations, come new artists and with new technological concepts come new expressions. Comrade hat is here with his own flag and he is ready to hoist it.

The first track “One of Them” features beautifully layered synths and 90’s era chillout synth lounge sounds, peppered with sparkly Rhodes-esque pianos that take you to the galaxies edge and back with the catchy opening line “Take a look at yourself”.

On “Ice King”, we are treated to an almost “Last Christmas” by “Wham!” type of sound. There are exquisite keyboard bends that are so bad they’re good, and magnificent chord sequences that just teleport you to another dimension.

The third lyrical offering of this EP shows us a glimpse of the 80s. There is some flirting with some old skool electro pop of which Gary Numan would be proud.

As a music lover and musician I appreciate what art is, art is the ability to escape the given human psyche and this EP takes us away to space and back. There is lots of attention to detail, yet it’s compacted in a way that you could listen to it a few times in a day. Comrade hat is here to stay, for that we are thankful.