Hailing from Helsinki comes the debut album from Finnish indie rockers Constables. Complex Sex is true to its title, boasting a sound that is equally varied, intricate and full of virility. The quality of songs on offer can be a little hit and miss but overall this album is sure to win them many admirers.

Constables wear their influences with pride throughout Complex Sex whilst never being afraid to delve into different moods. The delay soaked, contrapuntal guitars play off each other throughout many of the albums 10 tracks, recalling some of U2’s and Franz Ferdinands finer moments. The attitude mainly comes from the very tight rhythm section which benefits greatly from the space provided in the mix by the guitar style and relentlessly pulls the listener in.

Complex Sex sets a high standard from the start,  the hypnotic guitar riffs combine beautifully with the   emotive and sometimes gritty vocals on opening track Citizens of Yesterday whilst standout track Saliva Bubbles is an anthemic number which boasts bite and attitude much like  Arctic Monkeys or The Killers heavier offerings.  Although a similar high standard is not maintained throughout the entire album Afraid of Everything, Are we still here and the stripped down Intermission are all worth a listen and demonstrate the bands songwriting maturity and that they are no one trick pony.

Overall a strong debut from Constables, littered with some great tracks which all tend to have an anthemic, forward pull . Although Constables demonstrate versatility, it does not always pay off on Complex Sex and it will be exciting to see how they develop.