An upcoming documentary about the death of Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain is causing major controversy with his his ex wife Courtney Love.

Courtney has issued a cease and desist order against the film titled Soaked In Bleach. The main contention of the film is that Love was complicit in the death of her husband.

It’s not a new or original accusation. Since Cobain’s shotgun suicide in 1994, conspiracy theorists have made many claims and have written many books on the taboo subject.

In Nick Broomfield’s contentious 1998 documentary ‘Kurt & Courtney’, the plot steered towards the more salacious rumours, that Courtney wanted to have her husband killed.

Broomfield spoke to Love’s estranged father, Hank Harrison, about the subject. Unfortunately, Harrison came across as a hustler, desperate to spin a yarn for monetary gain.

Her father also wrote the book Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain, in which he states that he’s convinced she had something to do with Kurt’s death. There may be truth to his story, however, Harrison just comes across as a sleazy car salesman, desperate to make a buck off his own flesh and blood.


Fast forward to the new documentary Soaked In Bleach. The trailer features interviews with key individuals who appear to have decent credibility.

The private investigator Tom Grant, hired by Love to find her husband before his death, sheds light on Courtney’s state of mind at the time. The more he investigates the topic, the more he begins to doubt her side of the story.

A forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, speaks about the botched handling of the case and is almost flabbergasted by how evidence, the autopsy, and the crime scene was investigated. Wecht questions whether a man who’s injected a vast amount of heroin, is capable of committing suicide.

Soaked In Bleach offers the unoriginal theory that Love killed Cobain for money. The rumour was Kurt was going to divorce Courtney, write her out of his will, meaning she wouldn’t be entitled to any of his estate.

There are other more interesting theories brought up in the trailer. The suicide note, conspiracy enthusiasts have long held that the end of the suicide note was written with different handwriting, or that parts of it were altered. Soaked In Bleach expands on that theory, claiming that the note was written by tracing letters from Cobain’s old diaries.

Private phone conversations play over the trailer, delving deeper into the speculations, trying to offer evidence into a cover up surrounding the singer’s death.

Whatever happens with Soaked In Bleach, it definitely appears that there are some interesting scenes in this film that are well worth a gander.

Watch the trailer for Soaked In Bleach below.