Irish singer-songwriter, Cormac O’Caoimh, has just released his third solo Album, The Moon Loses Its Memory. O’Caoimh, hailing from Cork, has put together an album full of emotion. His lyrical talent is evident throughout. The album almost comes together like a book of short stories. His soft, yet assured voice, provides the perfect narration. His voice is not dissimilar to that of Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil, but with a Cork accent.

The album has an extremely romantic vibe. It comes across as a serenade. It’s experimental style, at times minimal with flashes of indie, at times almost orchestral works excellently with O’Caoimh’s voice and lyrics.

The opening track ‘Maze of your Heart’ works as the perfect introduction. He starts with energy, fast plucking, and vocals delivered with clever, quick precision. ‘Yellow Crumbs’, one of the standout tracks on the album follows directly after. This emotionally charged song best demonstrates his lyrical ability.

The title track, ‘The Moon Loses Its Memory’ will get your foot tapping. The simplistic guitar riff and vocals are infectious on this one. It’s stop and go flow keeps it interesting.

A thoroughly enjoyable album, ‘The Moon looses its memory’, deals with a range of emotions, taking you on a journey in the process. The variety of instruments heard give it a polished sound. The violin, which can be heard on several occasions works to great effect on ‘Solid’. The album’s contrasting styles, as well as O’Caoimh’s Confident delivery and well-crafted lyrics make it well worth a listen.